Monday, June 8, 2015

Journal from 70's

I've always kept journals. This blog is my current journal. Today Larry brought me some loose pages from a journal I wrote when we went on a camping trip through Florida when the kids were young. We camped and toured as far as Disney and then came back up to the Mobile area.
One of the things I remember that I didn't include in my journal account was the bath houses. Every evening when I went to the showers, I would ask people where they'd been, if they'd  liked it, and would it be a good place to take three kids. We got excellent advice and the night before we went to Disney, several people who had been that day gave me their extra coupons. So when we went to Disney, we had to pay to get us all in, but we had enough coupons so that the kids could ride anything as many times as they wanted. I made sure to pass on any extra coupons we had to others.
We always liked campers.

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