Saturday, June 27, 2015

Nice Day

Today we went to Pebble Isle Marina. The weather was cool with tiny patches of blue sky. By this afternoon it had cleared off but the temperature remained pleasant.
 I got a bag of MiracleGro moisture control potting soil. Larry asked why I wanted it. I told him I'd decided to plant herbs in some flower boxes on the back porch. He asked why I wanted to do that as we don't cook with herbs. I thought about it for a minute and admitted I didn't have a clue. But I got the potting soil.
When we got home, I dragged the potting soil onto the back porch, a bag of lime, a box of miracle gro fertilizer (blue granules), and a bag of 6-12-12. I want to empty the bags into sterilite containers so the stuff will be easy to get to without trying to manhandle the bags. The bag of potting soil wasn't too awfully heavy, but the bag of fertilizer was really heavy. Finally I decided it would be easier to carry if I put the bag in the sterilite container and carried that. Carrying it up the stairs (only six) was almost more than I could do. I ended up cracking the container, but I did get it up the stairs.
Tomorrow I'm going to work in the hybrid tea rose strip, weeding and fertilizing. The temperature is supposed to stay moderately cool so maybe I'll get that done.

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