Saturday, February 22, 2014


Today I went to JoAnn's Fabrics.  They had the Simplicity patterns on sale for $1 each! I bought a yard of cream colored terry cloth because I want to make washcloths.  Then I picked out a pattern for $1 and four yards of thin white material with thread for both pieces of fabric.  None of the stuff was expensive to that point.
When I lined up to check out, the woman in front of me in line asked if I had the coupons from the sales flyer.  I didn't.  She gave me one.
I don't usually pay attention to coupons because I don't go to places where I can use them very often.  But it was very nice to be handed one at the check out counter.
I went to Bath and Body Works with my coupons and used them.  This is probably the most coupons I've ever used in a year, much less one day.  I was very pleased with myself:) (and the kind stranger at the check out counter at JoAnn's).

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