Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mess on the Floor

Today there was a transparent red mess on the floor.  There was one there when I volunteered a couple of weeks ago, too.  Last time I got housekeeping to get it up.  This time the head nurse saw it before I could report it to housekeeping.  She turned it in on a work order.  The maintenance guy was really unhappy about it and said somebody had spilled it.  I said to close the door.  He did.  I said it came out of the door closing box.  He said it would have run down the door.  It was a spill.  I got a paper towel, reached up to the screw on the bottom of the box.  It came away with a red imprint of the screw. 
So then he agreed it was from the door closing box and said we caused it to break because we keep the door propped open when we are there.  I said to leave it off if we're breaking it because we have to have the door open when we're there so people will know the gift shop is open.  We don't have to have a door closer...we can close the door pretty easily.
He said he would ask the boss.  I thought it was pretty bad that he fussed at the nurse for filling out a work order. I didn't so much care that he didn't believe me once she got him there. I was able to show him.

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