Thursday, February 27, 2014

Planning to Shop

I have been trying to decide how to shop cheaper.  It isn't something I've done before (that I remember, anyway). I usually just try to shop quickly because I seriously hate to shop.
But I have a couple of ideas for tomorrow. I have a sale flyer with some prices on it of things we eat. About the only price I actually know is tomato soup cost 75 cents the last time I bought some.  But the sale flyer goes with me.  I plan to go to a couple of places I haven't tried before and also the place with the flyer. It is hard to not buy something I have on my list the first place I find it. Anyway, I know better to buy something on sale that I don't actually eat. So my plan is to get the stuff on my list sooner or later, but to check prices and maybe record them in my notebook.  I've tried to keep the receipts as they list the things I've bought with the prices but I toss them out before any type of analysis.
I do actually analyze the withdrawals from my checking account.  Now I've decided to analyze the expenditures for groceries and other consumable products.
This is already more planning than I have done in the past...just things on the list to buy has been it up until now.

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