Monday, February 24, 2014


I'm trying to save money so I can pay the IRS. It takes me a long time to save enough.  Last year, for the first time, I had to borrow the money. It took forever to pay off the loan but I knew it had to be in less than a year because I'd have it to do again this year. So I'm trying not to spend much money so I won't have to borrow so much this year.
Hobbies are useful in that regard because spending money is really easy if I go somewhere. So I try to stay home.  This works out most of the time because I like being at home.  I finished making wash cloths today.
A yard of terry cloth wasn't expensive. I zigzagged the edges and tried to get the fuzzy bits off. The light creamy yellow is pleasant. I got a dozen wash cloths in a color I like, didn't spend much money, and it occupied some time.
When I don't want to spend money, it helps if I don't go anywhere. Seriously, I've sat in the car lots of times because I knew if I went in, I'd spend money. 

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