Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Very Good Day

Larry had an appointment with a specialist today concerning blockage in an artery going down his right arm. The doctor said the best action is no action as the body had solved the problem on its own, rerouting the blood. The doctor said he knows Larry is retired, but what does he do? Larry told him he gardens, does woodwork, and uses the chainsaw to cut trees up that are leaning or have fallen. The doctor said to keep doing what he is doing.
Then Larry took down the lights in my art room, sprayed expanding foam around the wires, and put everything back together. I was hoping they would work when he put them back together. One did, then he fiddled with the other two and they worked. Hopefully the expanding foam around the wires will prevent wasps from getting into the room.
I'm really glad the doctor didn't tell him to stop doing stuff! I'm also glad surgery isn't required:)

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