Thursday, January 28, 2016


I thought the problem with Mr. Trump and Ms. Kelly was funny. She somehow thought that it was fine to attack Mr. Trump even though the debates were supposed to give the candidates a chance to express their positions on important issues. Her tone of voice was disrespectful. Doesn't she realize that she was showing disrespect to the people who actually like Mr. Trump? I guess not.


  1. I'm pretty sure she did realize it and didn't care as many people's contempt for supporters of someone they don't like seems justified to them.

    Including people on the 24hr news cycle channels.

  2. I agree with that view, Rich. But the reason I thought it was funny is that entertainment personalities (Dixie Chicks comes to mind) think they shape public opinion, which I agree with to an extent. But when they try to lead their followers in their own paths, they sometimes find themselves pretty much alone with their arrogance. It's kind of like mistaking a label for the product. It's the value of the product that is important.