Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Today a woman came in and told me a bunch of stuff that was pretty sad. She evidently knows some real losers. She kind of hinted around that she would like for me to drive her about an hour so she could visit her mother in the hospital.
I suggested she talk to her pastor. She said she hadn't been to church in a long time. I said she should find one and go. It would provide a support group. She should find a way to be helpful. If she wants to feel good about herself, she should find a way to contribute, not just take. She said she feeds her neighbor who spends his money on alcohol. I said that just lets him not be responsible for using his money wisely. She could tell him to buy food and she would cook it.
Last week a woman tried to bum a cigarette from me. She was very pregnant. I said we can't smoke in the hospital or on the grounds so I don't bring cigarettes in with me. I also told her that if her baby is born with something wrong with it, she'll blame herself. She should try to live so that she doesn't feel guilty.
Both of those people left expressing thanks, but I'll bet they wished I'd just done what they wanted and kept my philosophy to myself. Oh well.

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