Saturday, September 3, 2011


Today was a busy day.  I hired a kid to finish putting out the mulch, dig up day lilies, dig out some forsythia, chop off weeds in the flower strip beside the road, etc.  Next time I want him to dig out more day lilies, irises, and monkey grass.  The big clumps need to be separated.  I couldn't get the shovel to go into the ground.  A fourteen-year old Amish boy is pretty strong.  His brother weed-whacked.  Lots got done.  I spray fertilized all the flower beds on the ground today and plan to get the ones in the baskets and planters tomorrow. 
The boy said he wished their flowers looked like mine.  I've seen their flowers.  Larry suggested putting the two little ones out to water them as they would enjoy playing in the water and the flowers would get good and wet often.  Also, the little ones would not forget to water them because they'd want to play in the water every day.  I think it is a really good idea.
Maybe it will rain tomorrow.

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