Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

Today I had French toast(low-carb wheat bread) with sugar-free strawberry preserves and orange-flavored crystal light for breakfast.  Notice, no Kindle:(

Then for lunch we had canned green beans from our garden, squash from the garden fresh, a roast cooked on the grill, tomatoes and onions vinaigrette (tomatoes from our garden).  It was a nice holiday meal and totally low carb.

Larry's Kindle is fine.  He offered to let me use it.  He said I won't last ten minutes without it.  Not true.  I remember how to live without a Kindle.  I don't like it very much.  Amazon said the refurbished one I'm getting will get here either Friday at the earliest or Tuesday at the latest.  I was pretty pleased that I managed to get free standard shipping instead of paying more for quicker delivery.  I got a replacement like the one I have because the DX uses Sprint which gives me better reception here than the AT&T that the newer generations use.  I'll probably end up with that eventually and just move things via USB from my computer.

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