Saturday, September 3, 2011


I am a fan of Kindle.  I use it every day.  I bought my husband one, and he loves his, too.
But.  My cord cracked.  Then it disintegrated all around the crack.  I unplugged it and the other end had done the same thing.  I accused my husband of abusing the cable, but then I went online to buy another where I read a bunch of reviews from people who had the same problem.  I also read that if your phone cord will fit the kindle, it works.  I wasn't interested in buying another faulty cord.
I was disappointed that such a wonderful product had such a sorry cable.  Now it is old, but not old enough to have problems with the insulation on the cable.

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  1. Mine is doing the same thing. You don't need to buy a kindle cord for it. You can go to any electronics department in a store, wal-mart even has them and ask for a Micro USB cable and that'll fit... and it's probably cheaper.

    (Helpful hint: If you find yourself at a hotel ask them for one at the front desk from the lost and found and sometimes they'll let you have one.)