Friday, September 23, 2011


We have been working on getting the greenhouse ready to winter over some cuttings and start seeds.  It is almost ready.,,one more tray will finish the trays...and one more shelf will finish the new shelves.  I've painted the storage shelves with exterior gray.  It isn't gorgeous, but it is cleaner than it was, plus we already had some.  I want to paint the other side's storage shelf (it's already been scrubbed and wiped down with Clorox).  Then all I have to do is find more liners for the baskets so I can dump this year's flowers and start next year's so they will already be in the baskets in the spring.  It is hard to dump them before a killing frost, but if I don't, it's such a pain to do it all at once in awful weather.  I think I'll be ready to put plants in by October. 
It's nice to go out to the greenhouse when the weather is awful and be surrounded by plants while I have my coffee.

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