Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Roasted Peppers

I had a jalapeno pepper off the grill a long time ago and thought it was one of the absolute best things I'd ever stuck in my mouth.  For some reason the grilling took the pain out of the heat and just left a wonderful flavor with some spiciness.  So this year I decided I would roast some peppers in the oven.  Then I was going to mix roasted peppers with cream cheese, spread it on a ham and cheese roll-up.
Putting them under the broiler was quick and easy.  Letting them steam as they cooled so the skins would come out wasn't hard.  Peeling them and taking the seeds out wasn't hard but it wasn't fast.  I'm a fan of fast.  Well, it took three different sessions (three sets of disposable gloves, too) to finish skinning and seeding them.  Then I froze them on a cookie sheet.  When I bagged them up, it was such a small amount, I couldn't rake up any enthusiasm for using them up so soon.  I should keep them a while.
Whoever heard of becoming emotionally attached to roasted peppers?  What about my cream cheese, pepper, ham and cheese roll-ups? I think I'll mince a fresh jalapeno, mix it with the cream cheese and try that.  I'll keep my trophy roasted peppers awhile.

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