Saturday, December 21, 2013

Butterfly Jeans

My jeans were threadbare at the rivets so I threw them into a pile and bought new ones.  I bought the butterfly appliques and managed not to lose them while I did Christmas stuff.  Today I really couldn't think of much else to do in preparation for Christmas, so I mended a couple of pairs of jeans.  They are the iron-on kind, but I just ironed them on to stick them in place while I sewed them on.  Mending isn't a lot of fun, but the appliques help:)
I also base-coated more small gourds and small wooden ornaments...the flat kind like I get at Hobby Lobby.  I decided to base-coat back and front and put crackle finish on, then a white layer of acrylic.  I intend to eventually paint little scenes on them.

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