Thursday, December 19, 2013


 This picture shows how it looks in a corner of my art room where I have things moved out.  The little chest, small refrigerator, and other stuff is piled up.  I've moved the futon away from the wall because I got tired of the wall paper table running down the middle of the room
 We put the small chest and refrigerator in the summer kitchen. That helped.
 I finally finished painting and varnishing the wallpaper table and put it on the north wall where the futon formerly resided. Now the futon is in the middle of the floor but is shorter than the wallpaper table. It isn't very comfortable to sit on, but it does provide a guest bed when needed.
The sewing machine has a tall metal holder for acrylic paints.  The extreme right shows a paint holder that Larry made for me.  To the left, in front of the window, is another paint holder.  It has the birdhouse paints and metallic paints. The filing cabinets hold supplies, too. I want the metal stand to the right of the sewing machine to be replaced by a couple of shelves mounted on the wall to the left of the window over the wallpaper table.
I did a lot today including shopping for cookie ingredients, but I left my fitbit on the charger so it looks like I slept all day.

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