Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Once upon a time a clever woodworker started a couple of days before Christmas to make his wife a Christmas present.  On Christmas morning it wasn't finished so she saw the frame of the beautiful wall-mounted paint holder that would be finished sometime. It was bigger than she had envisioned and gorgeous.  He worked hard on it all day, complaining that he messed up and had to start over, he had a headache from all the bending over, on and on...oh, and there was no Christmas feast!  The lemon meringue pie she'd made since it was his favorite obviously didn't count.  I guess the pork chops (too dry), turnip greens (didn't cook them long enough), baked sweet potato, dressing, didn't count, either.  To top off the wonderful day, he took the television off mute so she could hear a re-run of a show she doesn't like.
Thank God their children called:)  It was a good day.

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