Monday, December 23, 2013

Wire Baking Rack

I like these wire baking racks for their intended purpose; but I also like them for painting a bunch of small things.  I can put whatever I'm working on in a contained area.  I know when I'm finished with that set and can pick up the entire rack to move it out of my way to dry.  I transfer whatever is on the other rack into a pile and load it with the next batch of stuff.  I get less paint on myself and spend less time moving the stuff around.  
Cleaning up would be quicker if I just threw stuff away.  I have these little ornaments left from when I was teaching...several dozen of them.  I'm almost through base-coating all of them, back and front.  Basecoating with a color a couple of times, krackle finish, white on top of the krackle finish about an hour after the krackle coat...wait time between the coats...back and front.  While waiting for the various coats to dry, I've been looking for small scenes to paint on the finished surface.
I'm not sure what I'll do with them when I'm finished, but they should be ready for NEXT Christmas!

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