Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Volunteering Today

I was alone today.  The other person who is usually with me on Tuesday had someone coming to try to get some of the leaves up.
So I called everybody on the list to remind them of the quarterly meeting, filled ice bags, put bath wipes in the warming unit, offered magazines, checked for cards, showed a new nurse where another warming unit is so she could get one of the warmed shampoo packages.  I had refilled the one on the main wing and they weren't showing "ready" yet. I talked to the head nurse about a notice I made to put in the public service announcements in several locations.
Then on the way home I stopped at a neighbor's house to see if she is interested in becoming a volunteer.  We are really low on volunteers now. She would make a good volunteer, but it turned out she has two toddlers as foster children. I don't think she'll have time to volunteer. Those two little ones have been in three foster homes in the last ten days. 

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