Monday, March 31, 2014

Color Is Starting to Show

 This flower bed burned off but the irises are putting up greenery.  I don't know if they'll bloom this year, but they aren't dead:)
 The columbines look great.  This one was by a plastic downspout connector that burned so hot it started burning the board on the porch...but the columbine is fine!
 The plants on the other side of the driveway didn't suffer at all from the fire, but the camilla looks half dead from the snow, ice, and low temperatures we had this winter. I don't know if those branches will put out green leaves or have to be cut back.
 The forsythia has started to bloom, too.  The weeds in the fields are green, but our grass is still brown.
 We have two Japanese magnolia trees that are starting to show color.  They are loaded with buds, but just the top buds are starting to open.
All five peonies in the burned flower bed next to the carport apparently survived. There are still a lot of plants that I don't know about.

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