Friday, March 7, 2014

Propane Service

They closed down some of the branches that deliver propane in my area.  I'm seriously tired of calling and having them tell me when they are in my area they will come by. We have heating, cooking, hot water on demand, my art room and greenhouse on propane.  It uses a lot. It has been a particularly cold winter and we've exceeded our prepay.  But we've been using a minimum of propane trying to stretch it out.  This is the second time this season I'm worried we're going to run out before they deliver.
I bought an additional small electric heater for my art room (I can use it in the greenhouse if we run out of propane).
Today I bought a larger electric heater to put in my computer room because I'm tired of being cold when I use the computer.  I got the heater home and it doesn't work.  I'll take it back tomorrow and get a different one.  The heater is heavy to carry.  It has wheels but I still have to get it into the car, house, store, etc.
I'm very disappointed.

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