Thursday, March 27, 2014

Vapor Cigarettes

Larry has been listening to a call-in radio station for years.  He likes the announcer and a lot of the callers.  They've been talking about electronic cigarettes and how they are able to not smoke cigarettes any longer so although they are still getting nicotine, they aren't getting the tar and smoke.  They've also reduced the amount of nicotine and some have eventually quit entirely.
So Larry decided he wanted to try it.  I didn't know if I would try it or not.  We went to the place the radio guy was so carried away with.  It was kind of like a wine tasting.  They had a menu of various flavors that we could try.  There were people there sitting at the bar raving about "vaping." Larry asked if they got paid they were so enthusiastic.
Another guy came in and said when he first started he didn't plan to try anything fruity but it turns out he likes the fruit just fine as long as there's nicotine involved.
Anyway, Larry and I both got a set up to give it a try.  Larry was also going to get a vial without nicotine.  He seriously sounds like he wants to quit.  But they were out of the non-nicotine flavor he wanted.
It doesn't smell bad...or smell at all. So when he uses it, it doesn't automatically make me want to, too.
I don't know how it will work out for either one of us, but I guess we'll see.

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