Friday, March 28, 2014

Little Things

I got another hair trim. I'm letting my perm grow out so I decided if I want to live through this, it would be best if somebody cuts it who has a clue. The headband with speakers I've been sleeping with listening to my sleep tape is giving me some interesting morning hair...lots of body (sticking straight up in places) if I'm not particular about what it does.
Cutting out doll clothes pattern pieces took a lot of time.  Maybe I'll cut out material tomorrow.
Pepper seeds and peanuts are planted now.
Lunch was a scrambled egg with onion that was really good.  The onion was sweet and helped the egg a lot. It isn't fast to make scrambled eggs when I blow the eggs out first.  It goes pretty quickly actually.  I want a few eggs to dye purple so maybe I'll eat scrambled eggs again tomorrow. I tried to get Larry to eat a couple but he wasn't interested.  He wanted cheese toast.
We got 0.6 inches of rain so maybe the strawberries will start growing.  I'm not sure the soil is any good since I retrieved it from the burned tires.  Maybe it killed all the good stuff but I'll find out pretty soon I guess.

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