Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Boxtops and Magazines

If you throw away packaging material with Boxtops for Education on them, consider tearing them off and giving them to a nearby school. They are worth a dime each and they are garbage if you toss them.
If you take magazines, when you're finished with them, consider donating them to a nearby hospital or school.
We offer donated magazines to patients who can't get around well. It's nice to be able to ask if they are interested in plants, recipes, outdoor life, golf...whatever we've had donated:) They don't all want them; some of the patients are really tired from physical therapy and just want to dose or watch television. But some are glad to get the magazines.  Sometimes it's the family members sitting with the patients who want to read the magazines.
Schools like to have magazines so the students can tear out pictures to go with alphabet letters they are learning, or whatever.

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