Monday, May 12, 2014

Rose Strip

 I have different plant projects. I call this one the Rose Strip. It runs approximately 93 yards parallel to the road. I paced it rather than measuring it, so it really is approximate. I'm enjoying the profusion of knock out roses and irises. The pink crepe myrtles I rooted are growing but not blooming yet. The day lilies aren't blooming yet, either. Larry cut the "grass" along the strip, finally, because he decided the daffodil greenery was ready to be cut. I am not wild about naturalized flowers because we have to not cut the grass until the greenery starts to die back.
 I took pictures of several different places along the strip because the irises are different.

The big mass of greenery to the right of the knock out rose in the foreground is day lilies. None of them are colors I don't like:)

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