Sunday, May 18, 2014

Shopping Experience

I went to get a new data card for my camera. I went to Best Buy. I've had good luck there before and helpful people. Yesterday I knew to insist that I try the card before leaving as some of the cards look right but don't work in my camera. Well.  They insisted it would work, and said I had to pay for it before I could try it.  That had happened in the past, too, but the card worked that time. This time it didn't and I had to stand in line a really long time to get my refund. They don't carry data cards there except for the hd type which my camera is too old to use. But I bought the camera there and think they should support products they've sold.
I went to Bed Bath and Beyond next to get diet root beer flavoring for my Soda Stream. They were out but they went online and ordered it, applying the coupon I hadn't taken with me, and assured me it would arrive with no postage:)
When we left, Larry said he liked going to Bed Bath and Beyond better than sporting goods stores. That is certainly my take, but I was surprised he feels that way, too!

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