Monday, May 26, 2014

Odd Neighbors

One of our neighbors cuts the grass in the nude. Another partially filled his mailbox with cement. Both of those called the law on another neighbor's college kid who was firing a gun at a target on his own property. Streaker claimed he was disturbing the peace. Cement Mailbox Guy called the law and claimed bullets were flying around at his place. He also went over and attempted to intimidate the young man, waving his finger at him and poking him.
The law officer checked the target's location and noted that the bullets didn't even penetrate the plywood fully. He told the young man to charge them with harassment if they turned him in again, continue to be careful that there is a backdrop behind his target, and charge the guy with trespassing if he comes back onto his property...put up "no trespassing" signs.
Then the young man went and bought fireworks.
I liked it that the officer upheld the young man's right to safely target practice on his own property.
I liked it that the officer checked the allegations.
I didn't like it that Mailbox Guy took it on himself to evaluate the situation. He cut a tree down that was on our property. He wasn't too concerned about that. Streaker ought to decide to live and let live if he's going to continue to cut the grass in the nude.

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