Monday, May 19, 2014

Lab Report Consult Today

I had lab work done last Thursday. Today we went to the doctor to hear his verdict. He said my numbers are good. He was pretty pleased with Larry's numbers, too. I think my plan for the next four months is to not eat any crackers.  He said 6.1 is within the "good" range for a diabetic. I pointed out that my line graph is headed upward so I wasn't as pleased with it. All my other numbers were better than last time. I really don't see how my triglycerides can go down and my A1C up but I'm pretty sure crackers aren't good for me even if they are really good. Getting a cracker that isn't as good doesn't make my numbers any better.
But pineapple is pretty high on the carb count because of the sugar but at least it has the value of fiber. Crackers don't have any redeeming characteristics.

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