Friday, December 19, 2014

Chicken Enchiladas

 I used the last of the rotisserie chicken to make chicken enchiladas. I couldn't find my tortilla press so I had to use a rolling pin:(
I just made a half recipe of the tortillas as I only wanted enough for the chicken enchiladas.
It might have been a little better if I'd had Monterrey Jack cheese or the Mexican mix, but I used cheddar as I had it.
I usually do a red sauce but this was tasty. Butter, flour, chicken broth to make the sauce. Then turn it off and add a can of green chilies and a cup of sour cream.
Inside the tortilla is chicken cooked with onion (the chicken was already cooked as I used leftover chicken) and a tablespoon and a half of shredded cheese.
Slaw finished off that meal...pretty light but I still have a lot left.

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