Friday, December 26, 2014

Trying to Decide

 I'm digging out stuff I've gathered for painting projects and putting them all together instead of one stuck here and another there. The painted watering can was a gift and I painted one like it and gave it away. I was going to try to paint using that pattern. So far I haven't found the pattern. I have another pattern I found. I might use it.
 These are all boxes with sliding lids. Some I bought and some Larry made.
These are boxes from a library that went from card catalog to a computer version. The boxes are nice but the metal thing needs to be removed.
But the reason I decided to go through everything and reorganize projects is that I want my garden books, cookbooks, and painting books all in the art room. I browse through the cookbooks while I'm in my art room.
I guess cooking is a hobby, too.

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