Thursday, December 4, 2014

Tomato Stakes

It has drizzled enough to show up in the rain gauge, but not a lot. I took the shovel down to try to dig out my wooden tomato stakes but a neighbor dropped by and pulled them out for me. Yea, neighbors! They also brought some fudge made with dark chocolate that was really, really good. Who knew?
I cleaned off the coffee table to put my runner and pyramid out. The coffee table looks excellent, but the couch is pretty full. It isn't my stuff so I'm not willing to go through it.
I also put up the little optic fiber Christmas tree that I bought for school. I am going to have to wait until Larry is in the mood to help me with the big Christmas tree. It's the kind in three pieces with the lights already on it. I can mostly do it by myself once the box is out and open and I'm just dealing with one section at a time.

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