Saturday, April 11, 2015

Some Days I Feel Wealthy

I had cooked white asparagus when we were in Germany and a nice neighbor showed me how. This year our asparagus started producing for the first time. The first batch I cooked wasn't great. I cooked it in a small skillet. Some of it was hard.
The second batch I cooked today. I bent it, holding each end. When it snapped, I discarded the cut end and kept the tip ends.
Then I used olive oil and kosher salt flakes and put it in the toaster oven until the tips were dark.
It was delicious!
Thanks, Rich:)
We also had slaw, baked beans with red hot sausages, and strawberries with sour cream for dessert.
 The weather was perfect. I weeded a bit, used the weed whacker some, and generally had a perfect day.
The picture shows the asparagus that wouldn't fit on the toaster oven tray. I put the excess in one of those green bags that preserves freshness. We can have the same thing again tomorrow. Hurray for leftovers.

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