Sunday, June 17, 2012

Blog Fan

I'm a fan of blogging.  As a teacher, I pointed out to students that keeping a journal is a good idea.  It is a primary source for historians but also allows one to look back or share it later with family members.
Well, advice is well and good, but I couldn't consistently keep a journal.
I've been able to blog, though.
I know my life will not remain the same.  I will have better times and also worse times.  I want to look back at this time...what I do, who I do it with, how I felt about it when things are maybe not so good in my future.  I don't really look forward to getting really, really old...but it could happen.  I'll want to look back at our beautiful home, gardens, flowers, etc.
That doesn't mean that I think I'm going to a nursing home tomorrow.  A tornado could hit, whatever.  Pictures in an album could go up in smoke.  But I would still be able to access my blog (as soon as I managed to buy another computer after whatever disaster hits).
Nothing is certain except that things don't stay the same.  I want to remember.  My blog is for me, but I like knowing others care:)
I also like knowing others are beginning to document their lives.  Nothing stays the same.

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