Friday, June 8, 2012

Diet Aggravation

When a person is on a diet and trying hard to stay on it, sometimes other people are mean.
 I had a nice slice of Starns Deli ham, green beans, cabbage, and slaw for lunch.  I drank carbonated water with it.  Protein and lots of fiber.
My husband bought a box of lovely doughnuts.  The missing one was his snack today.  For his lunch he had potatoes from his garden, green beans, and cabbage.  He may think a plate of vegetables is dandy, but potatoes aren't good for him and protein would have kept him from getting hungry so soon afterwards.  The doughnuts are just a slower form of suicide. 
It is difficult enough for me to not buy the doughnuts myself, but to have to not eat them when they are already in the house is mean.  He didn't buy them to be mean.  He bought them to have a snack for the Amish boys who are going to come work on the summer kitchen.  But he bought extras:(


  1. I went to an art show after work today and they had delicious looking baked goods, baklava (I know it's good. I've had hers before.), a cookie that had crushed roasted pecans and potato chips in it, the combination was delicious (I had one two days ago when she was trying them out to see if they were good), wine was also provided. I had a wheat cracker on which I put some brie and some havarti cheese and then I ate the cheese off the cracker and sipped water out of a wine glass while I socialized. It didn't kill me to have the baked goods and the people were very considerate when I waved them off with a "Thank you I've had some already." Which was kind of true. I'd had some cheese. OH! I had two small grapes with the brie as well. I tracked it all on my carb tracker thing and my net carbs for today was 17, too low again, but getting better. My percentages were: 60% calories from fat, 32% from protein, and 8% from carbs.
    Surprisingly, without trying to AT ALL, my caloric intake is decreasing in spite of being full almost all the time. I had a little appetite around 3PM but that was due to lack of snack more than anything else. I didn't realize I could eat this much stuff and have so few calories and be so full.

  2. Work is something else, the janitor kept offering me jelly beans, which I love, to keep me from being "grouchy." I wasn't grouchy, she was annoying me with her damned jelly beans.