Saturday, June 9, 2012

Nice Day

My diet lunch was slaw, steamed broccoli with butter, an 8 oz. steak, medium rare, and water:)
I found a suitcase at Bed, Bath, and Beyond with spinners.  I also got one of the cooling towels from them.
A sporting goods store supplied me with one of the little backpack things with a tube to drink from.
We saw Snow White. It was pretty well done.  I especially liked the settings.
Home next with the progress made on the summer kitchen.

 The one sticking out on the left is for the grill.
The rest of the metal trim is on the roof and they started building a couple of porches.  One of them is for the grill.  I have no clue what the other one is for.
Then we rode around looking at stuff.  I picked today's open gardenias and put them in the gator's glove box while we picked blueberries.

The orange lilies are finished but the others are still nice.  This one is from Paul and Ruth in Grand Bay.  We didn't know if it would survive up here, but it is doing just fine with no particular care over the winter.

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