Monday, June 25, 2012

Swallowing Pills

I was having trouble swallowing one a day vitamins and calcium pills.  They are huge and not coated with anything.
So I decided that I would take my one a day vitamin with a low-dosage aspirin.  And I put the calcium pill with a B-12 vitamin and D.  It turns out that I have no trouble swallowing 2 or 3 pills, even the huge ones.  I feel like the old lady who swallowed a goat, just opened her throat and swallowed a goat.
I take the 1-a-Day vitamin and calcium because the doctor said to take 1000 units a day.  The 1-a-Day is 400 and the calcium is 600.
I take the low-dosage aspirin because all those three vegetables are high in vitamin K.  My dad and my grandmother both had strokes.
My health coach seemed to think everybody should take more vitamin D.  I said I learned in school that 15 minutes in the sun provided enough vitamin D.  She said science has advanced.


  1. IF you're having problem swallowing supplements and you need vitamin d, get it from sunlight. Sun exposure is the best source of vitamin d and you can get it without taking any supplements.

  2. I agree that I've always heard that 15 minutes in the sunlight allowed the body to get enough vitamin D. I taught it that way for years because that is how I learned it. Then I had a health coach associated with my insurance who recommended that I take more. I brought up the 15 minutes in the sun idea. She said that they have decided that we would benefit from more. I asked her if wearing sunscreen inhibited our ability to get vitamin d from the sun and she said it did. I have had a melanoma removed and wear a hat, sometimes a shirt that supposedly blocks the sun's rays, sunscreen, garden gloves...etc. So I thought taking a vitamin d capsule was easy enough and started doing it. I didn't take supplements at all until I started the Atkins Diet.
    Supplements are recommended because of the total absence of some foods. The benefits to me as a person trying to avoid medications for diabetes are worth swallowing a few supplements.
    Thank you for your input!