Monday, April 29, 2013

Hoses on the Porches

Today I decided that I need to turn the water on the front and back porches and connect the hoses so I can put the baskets and flower boxes out. Last year I was able to get a teenager to do it but he can't come over for another couple of weeks and I wanted it now.  So I crawled with a flashlight to get to one of them and had to scrape along on my stomach to get to the other.  I decided while I was doing it that I should call the plumber and have him put the turn off faucets where I can reach them without crawling because I might just keep getting older and older and my knees really, really hate crawling.
Then I spent forever trying to get the hoses untangled.  I got the coiled hoses from Lee Valley.  They are really nice except they will tangle up all by themselves.  It is possible some vandal is coming and the porch and messing them up, but I don't see why one would bother.  I think one of us must do it.  Anyway, I spent over an hour trying to get one of them untwisted.  I didn't succeed.  I came inside and ordered four 75-ft hoses that are supposed to not tangle, not kink, and are light.  They are like pocket hoses but called something else.  I have a 25 ft pocket hose in the green house and like it but I didn't see a 75 ft version of that one so this is something else.
I hope it solves the problem of providing cardio-vascular exercise when I use them.  I should know Wednesday.

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