Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tec Vest problem

I carefully arranged my earbuds through the little channels so they are convenient and out of the way.  This morning I wanted to use my ipod and realized I did NOT want to take my earbuds out of my vest and do NOT want to wear my travel vest every day.  I do want to use my ipod every day.
So I have spent an hour and a half looking for my new, still in the plastic earbuds.  The ipod comes out and back in the vest easily.  So I just needed two sets of earbuds.  Well.  I found the second set, finally.
Also, the vest is very attractive zipped up with nothing under it.  But those inside pockets mean I would have to undress to get to some pockets.  I guess I won't wear it without a tshirt. Good thing I noticed it at home:)
I have a money/document pouch that goes under my clothes.  I was traveling in England alone once.  I stopped at a B&B where they wanted to see my passport.  I had to go to the bathroom to get my passport.  Clever, huh?

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