Sunday, April 28, 2013

Travel Vest in Use

We went away for a long weekend and I wore my travel vest.  I still used my travel purse because the vest is when I'm out and about.  The purse is for use in the car, hotel, wherever.  The vest worked perfectly.  I loved not having to drag a purse around and not trying to jam everything in my jeans' pockets. 
The vest is comfortable enough to not even notice it.  I weighed it and at that time it weighed 3.5 pounds without the camera.  My camera is small and doesn't weigh much but it stayed in my purse until I thought I might need it.  The kindle also stayed in my purse most of the time but would fit in one of the pockets if I had felt the need of having it with me.
I even wore the vest over my housecoat because the earbuds and my ipod were so conveniently placed.

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