Saturday, April 13, 2013

My Garden

 My garden has usually been flowers.  I haven't decided I don't like flowers anymore, but I'm trying to branch out into fruit that is on my low-carb diet.  I planted six brown sticks that claimed to be blackberries.  All six have leafed out and are apparently blackberries:) The t-post next to it is ambitious-looking, but the blackberries will need to be staked and wire will need to run from one t-post to another. Also visible is a garlic plant.  I planted about half a pound.  I've never planted garlic before and I don't know if we can eat that many. Larry claims not to like it and wanted me not to eat it.  I told him it is health, on my diet, and I actually like it so he'd better eat some, too. 
 I am painting the blue tires now.  I painted some yesterday and hopefully I will paint the rest of them today and tomorrow.
 The strawberries I planted in the tops of the tires are already putting on blooms.
 I'm weeding a little each day, too.  My hybrid tea roses look full and healthy.  The weeds in the flower bed look like a lot of trouble to weed, but the mulch helps keep them easy to pull out.  We've had so much rain lately that I haven't been able to do much at a time because I've also been working on the tires.
 Weeds, roses, stepping stones, drip irrigation
This is a patch that I've weeded.  The little things in the area will grow and look better, but right now I'm satisfied with how they look with no weeds.

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