Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Uncertain Tomorrow

I learned when I was ten that planning ahead works sometimes and doesn't sometimes.  A drunk driver ran a stop sign and hit the car in which my mother was a passenger. So a lot of things didn't register with me because I didn't think they applied in the real world.  Eating healthy, not smoking, exercising...none of those things help if a drunk runs a stop sign.  I was ten.  I didn't rationally decide that.  I just knew it.
Well, it also applies to getting brain cancer or many other kinds of illnesses.
Today I saw a woman who observed in my classroom several times for one of her classes...field observations? She observed and took notes several times.  She is nine years younger than I am.  She is dying.
Well, just in case I live forever, I would like to still be ambulatory. So I still got my five miles in today.
I still ate healthy.  All of my decisions aren't bad.  But I don't believe in being completely strict with myself because living a long time isn't worth giving up everything that I like.

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