Thursday, April 11, 2013

Oreck Floor Cleaner

We moved into our house in 2010 around Christmas.  At the time I bought a floor scrubber put out by Oreck.  Well, today I finally used it.  I usually spot clean and it looks pretty good to me.  But today I decided the grimy, greasy lines next to the stove wasn't coming up with just wiping with a paper towel so I mixed some pine sol with water, sprayed it down and went over the kitchen with the brush part.  When I finished that, I put the pad (not the washing machine) and cleaned it again.  It got every bit of the grimy build up beside the stove. It was easy to use, too.  I won't wait so long next time.  Maybe next time I'll rinse it, too.  I have two of the pads and both sides can be used.  I love ceramic tile, but the slick kind is slippery so we got the kind with some texture.  I've cleaned that kind with a scrub brush before and decided I needed a floor scrubber.  I was very pleased with how easy it is to use and what a good job it did.

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