Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tec Travel Vest

This vest is very comfortable.  It has 17 pockets.  The outside ones zip. The inside pockets either zip or velcro.  I am wearing my ipod (the earbuds have little channels to keep them handy), my kindle, phone, metal case with swipe cards, and some other stuff I like to have handy.  The weight is distributed across my shoulders so my hands are free without the annoyance of a backpack or purse. I still have pockets that are available.  My camera pocket is empty because the camera is being used:) 
There is a pocket for glasses with an attached cloth for cleaning the glasses.
There is a pocket for water that I haven't filled although if I were wandering about I would have food and water stashed. 
I could have gotten a larger size but I'm keeping this one.  I think maybe my next one will be larger (if I were layering for colder weather I might want more space)  and red.
The material is lightweight with mesh inside.  I am pleased with the construction.

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