Friday, September 20, 2013

Audible Returns

I have been a member of audible for years and have gotten some books I was disappointed with.  I recently noticed that it is possible to return books.  For example, I decided to start getting the Lois McMasters Bujold Miles V. series.  Well, the first one was a prequel. I have read it and have no interest in ever reading it again or listening to it even once.  I didn't realize it was the one about the quaddies until I was listening to it.  I had returned one before that was abridged and I meant to get unabridged.  I didn't notice until I was listening to the abridged version...the plot was there but the character development wasn't.  They let me switch. 
This time I asked how could I just get rid of some books that I didn't like and didn't want taking up space on my iPod and didn't want to get again when I synced.  The nice man took them off and gave me credits for them even though it was over a year ago.
I am seriously a pleased customer.

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