Saturday, June 28, 2014


This is part of our row of asparagus. I think it may be old enough to eat some next year.
I've never grown asparagus before but it looks wonderful.
Usually when people have a garden and say they have to replant, it means they plant more seeds because the first ones didn't come up. We replanted these asparagus plants three times...same plants...because heavy rain washed them from the dirt. They have to be planted really deep but the heavy rain just washed the dirt and plants away. So we found them and replanted twice before they managed to stay put long enough for the roots to establish.


  1. Didn't we have asparagus in Citronelle? Behind the strawberry beds? It volunteered to present itself in the corn EVERY YEAR. I think that's the first place I ever saw it.

    1. If we did, I didn't recognize it. The white asparagus in Harxheim is the first time I saw it to know what it was.