Monday, June 9, 2014

Routine Lunch

This is a grilled deli ham and pepperjack cheese on low-carb bread with a side of slaw. I got this recipe for slaw from a Cuban lady who volunteered for me a long time ago. It is regular cole slaw with the addition of a can of red beans. 
I consider this to be all right for a routine meal on my low-carb diet because I use low carb bread and the slaw is loaded with fiber.
It is really good if I can find a deli meat I like. The Kroger store in Murray, KY, has Starns smoked ham. That is my favorite. But WalMart has a smoked ham I just found that was good. I didn't get the name, just smoked ham. But I will be able to get it again. It isn't slick looking.

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