Saturday, June 21, 2014

DVD Problem

I didn't realize I didn't have a way to watch a DVD until I ordered one from the Mayo Clinic. It is about exercise for seniors with arthritis. I have used some of the exercises on the Mayo Clinic website for my feet and hands and found them helpful. So I thought maybe I'd get more help.
It turns out that my computer wouldn't play the dvd. Our television isn't set up to play dvds. My old laptop played it like really slow streaming.
So today I got a 9" dvd player from Best Buy. It plays the dvd nicely. It is easy to operate and when I pause it and turn it off, it saves my place so I don't have to hunt for where I left off.
I got the cheapest one they had and asked the salesman if there is any significant difference in that one and other brands of the same size. He said that one is their store brand and on sale, but they've had more positive feedback on it than they have on the more expensive brands. Well, that was music to my ears.
I haven't gotten to the exercise portions of the dvd yet. I started with listening to the doctors tell about osteoarthritis.

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