Thursday, June 19, 2014

DIY Laundry Detergent - Third

The first time I made the diy laundry detergent, it lasted eleven months. But I had Tide which Larry used until it was gone. The second time I made it was September 1, 2013. It isn't quite gone, but I made the third batch today. I had plenty of time and not much to do. I had five gallon containers empty. So using the diy laundry detergent exclusively, it lasted a bit over nine months. I've been very pleased with it and I like knowing that it is both inexpensive and good. I haven't spent money on detergent in almost two years. I was using vinegar instead of Downy until I saw a diy suggestion to use Downy with water and sponge halves as dryer sheets. Since I still had Downy and Larry wasn't using it, I decided to use that until I ran out. It is lasting a long time. It stops static cling.

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