Saturday, June 7, 2014

Cleaning Girl

My cleaning girl's family is moving (girl, by the way, isn't a racial slur...she's nineteen and has been working for me since she was sixteen). Today I asked her mother if she knows of another trustworthy girl who wants to work. I have an appointment on Monday with the girl. Catherine has agreed to go with me to talk to her. We're going to miss Catherine and her family. Her grandfather has repaired leather items I have had a long time and wanted to keep, not replace. He also built the hangers for my flower boxes that hang on the porches. Her brothers help Larry (and sometimes me) in building projects, plants, tree trimming (a limb was hanging onto a metal storage building today), and whatever. Her dad saves nice pieces of lumber that comes into his sawmill. Larry pays for them, but he wants cherry, especially. Also, when they bake bread, they call and Larry goes over to get a loaf.

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