Thursday, June 12, 2014

He Loved You Best

My aunt said this to me referring to her brother, my uncle, after I was an adult. She said my grandmother had loved her son (my cousin) the best, my grandfather had loved her daughter the best, and my uncle had loved me best. I had children of my own by the time she told me this.
I was shocked. I tried not to show it because she thought it was a good thing that all of us had somebody who loved us best.
Loving a little, a lot, best, whatever, was not a concept I had considered, ever. I just thought people loved me or didn't...I loved people or didn't. But "best?" I've been thinking about that today for some reason. They are all dead now.
I think being loved is important. I think trying to figure out where we are on the ladder of love is a waste of time. Being loved is the thing. Loving is important. It keeps us from being rocks or clods of dirt.

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